We’ve Moved!

On April 28, 2018 NEXT officially moved to Red Willow Community Church.

A church on the move

There was packing, there was purging, and all the other logistics that come with a move. Many helping hands from our community took part in sorting through years of acquired artwork, furniture, instruments and children’s ministry materials, many of which we were happy to pass along to other ministries who were in need of them. We took time and care to say farewell to our old space at Village Landing with a special commemorate service and then, after Easter, we moved into our new home at Red Willow Community Church.

A new home for NEXT

After much prayer and introspection NEXT found that it was no longer fiscally responsible to remain in the Village Landing facility. The move to Red Willow provided an opportunity to continue ministry in the community while being better stewards of our resources. It also provided a space that is accessible for people with mobility challenges, something that was sorely lacking in the basement of Village Landing.

Why Red Willow Community Church?

Red Willow Community Church is a Seventh-day Adventist Church. They hold their weekly services on Saturdays, which leaves the space available to NEXT to rent and hold weekly services on Sunday mornings. As mentioned before the space at Red Willow is fully accessible and offers access to office space, meeting space, children’s ministry rooms, top of the line technology and instruments, a commercial kitchen and gymnasium!

NEXT Christian Community and Red Willow Seventh-day Adventist Church are both evangelically oriented Christian churches who share many of the same values.

The same Christian community in a new location

NEXT Christian Community appreciated the opportunity to serve St. Albert as a community centre by providing inexpensive access to space for support and recovery groups and party rentals from Village Landing location. We endeavour to remain a staple of the community and continue our community involvement from this new location.

Join us for a weekly service at Red Willow Community Church, connect with our community and learn more about who Jesus created you to be.