Give Back

Giving to NEXT Christian Community pays for rent on our facility, puts coffee in the coffee pot and pays the staff. It also contributes to the community that we all share.

Because we are overwhelmed with the generosity that Christ has shown us, we respond in worship by being generous with our time and financial resources. We believe in giving generously to God’s work in and through our church and through our local national and international community partners.

Do it Online

Whether it’s a one time offering, or you’d like to set up regular weekly or monthly giving, it’s easy to give to NEXT online though Subsplash Giving. Simply click the link below to make a donation via credit card or through online banking.

Note: There is a 2.3% fee per transaction.

Donate Now

Keep it Regular

Pre-Authorized Debit, or PAD, is a pre-set automatic withdrawal from your bank account. This way you’ll never forget to give, and we can always count on your donation.

Want to set up or adjust your PAD? Fill out this form and drop it in the basket or mailbox on Sunday morning.

PAD Form

Pass the Basket

Don’t be too surprised if someone passes you a basket filled with money during the Sunday morning service. This is a quick and easy way to give back and actively take part in the service.

Drop it in the Box

There is a NEXT offering box located in the lobby. Feel free to drop your donation in the box on your way out after the Sunday service.

Use the Machine

No cash? You’ll find a credit/debit machine near the coffee bar. Just place one copy of the receipt in an envelope with your info written on it and drop it in the box once you’re done with your transaction.

Where Does NEXT Give Back

We believe that everything that we have comes from God so we give back to the surrounding community with our time and money. Here are some of the organizations that we support.

Click here to see where our finances are invested.