Ukraine Response

We are working to provide practical support to church partners in Ukraine. The church exists in all corners of the world. Our pastor has pastoral colleagues who minister in Ukraine and are coached by a church that shares our values and mission here in Canada, with whom we are associated. Working always towards independence and self-sufficiency, but always part of the larger body of Christ. We are working with this church and a Christian Humanitarian Aid Society that does extensive work in Ukraine with the poor and marginalized through local churches. As you can imagine, these two groups are working hard to come alongside and make a practical and compassionate investment in supporting a county under siege, believing that the local church, led by Ukrainian pastors, best understands the needs of their communities. You can designate funds to Ukraine War Relief through NEXT, and your gifts will be receipted by NEXT and invested wisely through this CRA registered charity.

At present, we know that many of the churches are acting as sanctuaries and shelters for poor women and children who do not have the resources or ability to leave the country. You can help. We can pray. Watch our Facebook Community Page for the next pray for Ukraine online gathering.