Sunday Mornings at NEXT


Our Sunday service starts around 10 a.m.

Make your way to NEXT Christian Community. We meet in Red Willow Community Church located at 15 Corriveau Ave., St. Albert.

Come in. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and say hi to someone before heading into the sanctuary for the service.


As you walk into the sanctuary you’ll be greeted by great live music. We sing classic theology-rich hymns and thoughtful contemporary worship songs here (some of which were composed by our own resident songwriters). Once in a while you might also find someone painting or presenting poetry as worship. We love the arts here.

If you have kids bring them into the sanctuary to sing along and worship God with us. If you think children should be seen and not heard, NEXT might not be a great fit for you.


We like to keep things somewhat traditional around here. While we’re definitely an evangelical church, we love to anchor our Sunday services in some of the meaningful rhythms of the Church calendar and elements of liturgy. Come along for the ride and walk through some scripture readings, prayers and giving back as a community before we send the kids to their own NEXT Kids Community programming.


Sit back and listen as Pastor Wendy walks us through a piece of the Bible. Gain a deeper understanding of the scripture and learn how you can apply its lessons in your life.


After the sermon we’ll sing a couple more songs and pray together before heading out to the lobby. At this point parents can pick up their kids from NEXT Kids Community.

Stick around for a little while, grab another cup of coffee and meet someone new.



We ask parents to accompany your kids to their class rooms, sign them in and meet the volunteers before heading back into the service. We’ll come find you if your child needs you.

Our amazing (well-trained and pre-screened) volunteers are eager to cuddle your babies and teach your kids about Jesus in a way that makes sense to them.

NEXT Kids Programs

Nursery (Infants to 2-years-old)

Nursery is available for babies and toddlers up to 2-years of age. Our nursery has clean, age-appropriate toys and lots of hands to help.

Pre-School (Ages 2 and 3)

Ages 2 and 3 are welcome in the pre-school class where they’ll hear a Bible story, play and sing songs together.

Kindergarten (Ages 4 and 5)

Ages 4 and 5 are welcome in the kindergarten class. In this class kids will play, hear a Bible story, make a craft and pray together.

Elementary (Grades 1 to 3)

Elementary kids, grades 1 to 3, have class nearly every Sunday, though once in a while they’ll stay in the service with the adults. In this class kids will learn a lesson from Bible and talk about what it might mean to them. They might do an activity, play a game and, hopefully, make a new friend.

The Bridge (Grades 4 to 6)

Older elementary kids, grades 4 to 6, have their own program offered every few weeks during the Sunday service. Through activities and deeper discussions these students learn about what a life of faith can look like and how to model that to those around them.